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It's our goal at Something for Your Dust to make your shopping experience fun. We carry varied and unique gifts for the home at affordable prices, including glassware, ceramics, artwork, candles, and small furniture. With both brand new pieces and items that are "new to you," we want our customers to discover things in our shop that they've never seen before -- or haven't seen in ages -- and, most importantly, don't have to resist because of high price tags!

Store Hours

Our Story: After many years in corporate retail, Dan decided that he was on the wrong path. So, in May 2008, with a little encouragement and not much to lose, he decided to open his own shop in Downtown Plymouth. What to sell was never in question: small furniture, home decor, and "gifties," as Dan calls them -- a natural choice for someone who'd began working in retail at 13 at Restoration Hardware, and continued into his 20s at Heath & Co. in Kingston. But his next decision is what proved to shape the store's identity: Let's not limit the merchandise to the new -- things that people can find in any shop. Let's open the shop to any piece, new or old, that is interesting, attractive, and captures the imagination. With a couple of key consignors, an estate clean out, and his determination to create a unique shopping experience in Plymouth, Dan opened the doors of Something for Your Dust on June 28, 2008, and hasn't looked back.

The Name: We can thank Marin's Danish great aunt, Esther, for inspiring the name of the shop. Whenever she was given a gift that some (not us, of course, but some) may call "inessential," she would say, "Oh! Something for my dust." A cutesy -- but true -- shop name was born.

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